Grant County ARC 146.790 Repeater Link

TG #8714 is links to the 146.790 of the Grant County ARC.  This TG is currently carried by the following repeaters:

Repeaters carrying this TG:

KB9CRA – Marion, TS2, Full-Time
KB9TTX – Kokomo, TS2, PTT Activated for 15 minutes
K9MMQ – Roanoke & FT. Wayne, TS2, PTT Activated for 15 minutes
NF9K – Indianpolis, TS1, PTT Activated for 20 minutes
N9CZV – Coming soon….

How to use: DTMF 5001 will bring the link up from either side. The link will time out after 20 minutes of inactivity.

Indiana Statewide TG #3118

Based on questions that repeater trustees continue to receive, it has come to our attention that there is a significant amount of confusion and misunderstanding throughout the DMR user community surrounding the absence of talk group #3118 on the Crossroads DMR network.

What follows is not a negative statement, as that is not our way, it is merely a statement of fact:

Crossroads DMR has been denied a feed to talk group #3118.

Since talk group #3118 was not available, we created our own “statewide” option in talk group #8710, commonly called Crossroads or Crossroads Statewide.  This talk group is carried full time by all repeaters in the network.

DMR is a fantastic technology and with it comes many different ways to implement it.  Our group does not exist, not has it ever, to be a competitor or replacement for other networks.  We are merely trying to do something new, different and innovative.  After all, experimentation and innovation are corner stones of this great hobby that we all share.

​Thank you.

New Manager for KB9CRA (Marion) Repeater

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been building out a new c-Bridge manager for Kevin McNeely​ in order to sync his Marion repeater up with Larry John Shipley​’s repeater in Kokomo. As of this afternoon, Kevin’s repeater has been moved to the new manager. The main TG’s (North America, USA 1776, Crossroads, Tri-County) have not changed time slots, so they will remain active without re-programming your radio. The full menu of talk groups/time slots can be found here:

There are efforts underway to provide a complete Crossroads code plug for The Tytera MD-380 and Connect Systems CS700 and CS750’s.

Any questions, please let us know. We hope you enjoy the new line up.

New Repeater!

Dave Epley, N9CZV, has added a new repeater in New Castle, IN.  The repeater page has been updated with is info.  We’re working on a coverage map and will post that soon.  You can click HERE to go right to the New Castle Repeater Page.

Code Plug Repository

We’ve finally found a good file management system for use on our website. The Crossroads DMR Codeplug Repository is now live:

We’re going to take a different approach to how code plugs are provided. Instead of providing a single code plug with what we think you might want or arranged how we want, we’re going to provide multiple examples by various hams. If you’d like to submit your code plug, please email it to us at Please name it in this format: “Callsign – Radio”

The hope is that by being able to review various examples and methods of arranging code plug information you’ll find something that you like or perhaps even improve on an existing method. If you do, please submit your improved codeplug so that others may benefit. The added benefit of examining various methods is that you might learn something in the process, I know I have!


New Talk Groups

As word continues to spread about the proper use of the wide-area calling talk groups (Worldwide, Worldwide English, North America, etc.) utilization of the PTT activated talk groups have increased. The idea is to make your contact on one of the wide-area TG’s then move off to a PTT activated talkgroup in order to carry out your QSO but tie up as few repeaters as possible. TAC-310 has traditionally been the go-to TG as well as TAC-311. DMR-MARC has also added the UA-English 1 & 2. Since TAC-310/311 are now seeing increased use, DCI has added TAC-312, which has now been added to our c-Bridge. This is nothing more than another option to use to take your QSO off of a wide-area talk group. Currently the talk group has only been added to the c-Bridge, but will we be rolling it out to repeaters as trustees ask for it.

Talkgroup #4639 has been added to the NF9K Indy Repeater. This TG is part of the Hytera DMR-Plus MotoBridge and connects TG #9 up to the Nationwide Hytera reflector. I’ve also updated the MotoBridge configuration so that TG #4639 is the default TG. Should you wish to connect to the Georgia or Texas Reflectors, you can key those TG’s up and then switch back to TG #9 for the voice traffic. Remember at the Hytera implementation is similar to DSTAR in that the 4000 series TG’s are control only and all voice traffic takes place on TG #9.

Channel Voice Announcement Files

We’ve taken the time to create voice announcement files for all channels currently available on the Crossroads DMR (IN-1) c-Bridge.

The files were created and tested on Motorola XPR7550 and XPR5550 radios.  However, they should be usable by any radio that allows for voice announcements to be configured.  They are encoded with an 8k sampling rate, so if your using anything other than a Motorola you might have to convert the files to fit your needs.

Click below to download.



Crossroads DMR Channel Announcements


NF9K Indianapolis Repeater Update

This evening the following tasks were accomplished:

1). Firmware upgrade to R02.40.12
2). Installation of EID (license) for OTAP (over-the-air-programming)
3). Frequency change from 441.025 to 442.450
4). Retuning of the duplexers
5). Identified and remediated a bad hardline connector that was causing SWR issues.

Repeater is back up and running! More on OTAP coming soon….

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