New Frequency – NF9K Repeater, Indianapolis

The Indianapolis NF9K Repeater will be changing frequencies. We received the official coordination from the IRC at the end of June. Due to my trip to Spain as well as the need to coordinate on-site resources, we’re just now getting this done.

Old Frequency: 441.025+
New Frequency: 442.450+

All other aspects (color code, talk groups and time slot configuration) will remain the same.

This change is scheduled to take place Thursday evening, August 6th, 2015. The work will commence around 15:30 and we anticipate completion by 17:30.

If you require assistance with reprogramming, let us know!

AllStarLink is back!

From Chi-DMR:


Hi All,
I was able to get a quick resolution from Derek and the system is back
in operation. He had me downgrade to rvn8515. I made sure the setup was
working and since he explained how to roll back the upgrade I decided to
do the upgrade to rvn8602 again. For some reason this time it worked.
Please advise if you guys notice any issues or if any users report issues.

AllStarLink Outage

I received the following email from our feed for the AllStarLink talkgroup (#3167):

Hi guys,
FYI the Allstar link is currently experiencing an outage. Currently NO
ETA is available. I ran an upgrade to the bridge and for whatever
reason the A-D, D-A audio stopped working. It will key the URI in both
directions but will not pass audio. I emailed Derek and am awaiting a

Updates as I get them….

Hytera DMR Connectivity – We have lift off!

The NF9K DMR Repeater is now connected to the Hytera DMR Network!  It is a bit different that the normal approach, however DSTAR users will find some similarity in how it operates.  I’m still doing some fine tuning but here is a quick summary of how it’s currently configured.

On Time Slot 1, TG #9 is used for voice traffic.  I completed two QSO’s last night.  Audio quality was fantastic.  One of the QSO’s was another Motorola repeater and the other as a Hytera repeater.  I was not able to detect any difference in audio between the two.

The Hytera DMR Network utilizes reflectors (ala DSTAR?).  When a repeater connects they are placed on a default reflector, however a user can change that reflector from a radio by using a talkgroup to trigger the connection.  Again very similar to the URCALL field in DSTAR.  Here is what is currently running on my repeater, again all on Time Slot 1:

TG #4000 – Unlink.  This will disconnect TG #9 from whatever reflector it is currently on.

TG #4601 – Georgia Reflector

TG #4603 – Texas Reflector

You simply PTT on one of the reflector TG’s and then switch back to TG #9 for the voice traffic.  The 4000, 4601 and 4603 TG’s are only used for activation of or connection to a given reflector.  No voice traffic crosses those TG’s.

Try it out and let me know if you have any questions/issues.  The base configuration as it is will likely not change much, beyond adding some additional reflectors.  I will post updates when that happens.

The magic sauce behind this interoperability is a linux application that bridges the two dissimilar networks.

Very cool stuff.

The Parrot is loose!

We’ve released The Parrot!  We’re no longer at the mercy of the network or a server owner somewhere….

Testing has gone very well and the Super Group has been updated on the Crossroads DMR c-Bridge.

We will be standing up another Parrot for experimentation purposes.  More info on that soon….

Parrot at The Crossroads

We’re working on our own Parrot server.  We have it running now on TS1, TG #8719 on the NF9K, WB9VLE and N9CZV repeaters.  We’re happy to extend the testing platform to anyone interested.  Once the testing is complete, we’ll move the server over to the existing Parrot TG #9998.

It appears it might be possible to leverage this software package to alert specified DMR TG’s of weather alerts or other critical information.  More on this as we continue to experiment.


We’ve added forums to our website.  They’re just getting started, so help us along and register!  If you are a licensed amateur, please use your call sign as your username.  Any questions or ideas, please post and our team of helpers will respond shortly.

Crossroads DMR is what we make it and by we, that means all of us!  We look forward to you helping make this a great place to be!

CLICK HERE to visit the forums!


With the release of the new DMR-MARC UA TG’s, there was a TG number conflict between TAC-E and UA English 2.  NATS and DMR-MARC have come to an agreement and the TG #123 will be released from NATS to DMR-MARC to be hosted on their core servers.

As of the date of this post, TAC-E has been removed from the Crossroads DMR c-Bridge.  I believe the impact of this chance will be minimal if at all.  TAC-E was in its infancy and not heavily used.

TAC-310, TAC-311 and TAC-1 continue to be available.

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