New DMR-MARC Talkgroups

The DMR-MARC has recently added two new talkgroups:

  • UA English 1
  • UA English 2

These are meant the be used in a similar fashion as TAC-310/TAC-311 have in the past.  They’ve opted for the term User-Activated, hence the UA in the name vs. PTT, since technically every talkgroup is PTT-activated, because you have to key up your radio, right?

As a reminder, the wide-area talkgroups such as Worldwide, Worldwide English, North America, etc. key up hundreds of repeaters and the preference is to use them as hailing channels.  Once a contact is made, you can move your QSO over to one of the UA’s and only key up those repeaters that have “activated.”

The TG’s are connected to the Crossroads DMR c-Bridge and are available upon request from member repeaters.


What are we working on?

Remaining true to our name and mission, we’re currently working with a software package that will bridge existing Motorola IPSC networks with Hytera IPSC networks.  If successful, we’ll be adding additional talkgroups to our c-Bridge.

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